Skiers and Boarders, Elevate Your Recovery Game This Winter: The Benefits of Cannabis-Infused Topical Salves

Winter sports enthusiasts are abuzz about the latest trend taking the wellness world by “snow” storm: cannabis-infused salves for the skin. Since hitting the shelves, these products have been lauded among snowriders as an effective way to find localized relief from the common muscle aches and pains that often plague them after a long day on the slopes. These skin products deeply penetrate the tissue to provide relief for aching feet, backs and shoulders. Could this mark the next revolution in athletic recovery?


For many who have turned to topicals as an alternative to prescription painkillers, the answer is a resounding yes. Already, these products are helping to shatter the negative stigma long associated with cannabis consumption as the industry trades in the dated and inaccurate “lazy stoner” stereotype for the new, fresh image of the canna-athlete. Previously held notions of the typical cannabis consumer are rapidly evolving as more individuals discover the plant’s unique therapeutic potential that may lend itself to relieving soreness and tension.


If your feet are begging for a little TLC this ski season, here’s why you should turn to a cannabis topical salve:


  • It can offer relief without psychoactivity. Cannabis-infused topicals, such as the line of topical salves offered by Verra Wellness, are designed to deeply permeate the skin and muscle tissue by harnessing the synergistic powers of two beneficial cannabinoids–CBD and THC. Working in harmony, CBD and THC are a match made in heaven, complementing one another seamlessly to deliver results without entering the bloodstream. Because they work in the skin and muscular barrier, these types of products present a desirable option for individuals who wish to experience the medicinal qualities of the plant without the associated high from smoked or vaped THC products.
  • It fits nicely into an existing self-care and wellness regimen. Many topicals are also infused with essential oils to maximize the benefits and foster a soothing and rejuvenating experience for the consumer. For instance, Verra’s Cedarwood Topical Salve utilizes essential oil from cedarwood harvested from alpine trees, which enables the salve to penetrate skin cells more deeply and optimize effects–not to mention releasing a relaxing and pleasant aroma.
  • It is the ideal companion for an active lifestyle. Without posing any of the health risks associated with smoking cannabis, topicals are simply applied directly to the skin and worked into the tissue to provide more rapid and focused relief than many other methods of cannabis administration. In combination with boot heaters or toe warmers, the salves soothe your feet as it heals soreness and fatigue while keeping toes toasty warm.


What better time than now to explore the innovative realm of cannabis-infused topicals? With public concern rapidly spreading surrounding opioid addiction, there is a clear and growing demand for natural and safe offerings that can aid athletes in managing pain symptoms while promoting healing. More commonly than ever, cannabis topicals are entering the mainstream discourse as new alternatives such as marijuana-infused massage therapy join the ranks of trusted wellness offerings.


Forget long recovery times hindering progress. Whether a skier, a snowboarder, or even a spectator, cannabis-infused topical salves offer the outdoors active person a natural and safe option in pain management–both on and off the slopes.