Fierce, Fit and Focused: Modern-Day Moms and Marijuana

Fierce, Fit and Focused: Modern-Day Moms and Marijuana

There was once a time when the “stoner” stereotype influenced the way that people thought about the typical cannabis consumer. The word “marijuana” alone conjured up images of individuals who were lazy, lethargic, and unmotivated—a connotation that prevented the healing potential of cannabis from reaching the demographics who could benefit from its therapeutic applications the most.

No longer is that the case.

The modern-day cannabis consumer is evolving. According to a recent study by Eaze, women—including moms—are increasingly reducing or replacing their consumption of alcohol, prescription opiates, and antidepressants with cannabis. In addition, purchase data indicate that females are the early adopters of new cannabis products such as topicals. As the stigma fades, more women and mothers are turning to cannabis as a treatment alternative. Not only do they find cannabis to be reliable and effective, but they’ve also discovered that it can be implemented regularly as part of a health and wellness regimen.

Events like the 420 Games have been established to further promote cannabis as a health and lifestyle product. Each spring, the Games bring together health-conscious women and moms from all over the country, to cities including Los Angeles, Denver, and Seattle. The intent of the games is to destigmatize cannabis and share its many therapeutic benefits. In this way, the dialogue surrounding cannabis is dramatically shifting to replace “laziness” with “wellness.”

The natural wellness revolution has begun.

Women like Dr. Dot Colagiovanni, Verra’s Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development, have become advocates for moms nationwide, who are celebrating the natural healing powers of cannabis. Dot benefited first hand from the effects of marijuana when her son was placed on the liver transplant list at age ten. Trying to live a “normal” life while watching her son dying, taking care of two kids, and working as a pharmaceutical executive full time naturally led her to experience depression and anxiety. After putting her children to bed, Dot developed a nightly ritual of closing the bathroom door, smoking a joint, and finally feeling her anxiety retreat and the weight of the world lessen just a little. With 20 years of experience in biotech, she knew that the relief she was getting from cannabis was unlike anything she could have gotten from a prescription drug. She wasn’t groggy and she felt like herself every morning–clear-headed and ready to face the challenges ahead.

That knowledge was so powerful that it led Dot to quit her job in pursuit of making the natural benefits of cannabis available to more people–and hopefully to more moms facing challenges of their own. Today, with more discreet, smoke-free methods of delivery available from companies like Verra Wellness, it’s easy to administer products without needing to smoke or worry about adverse side effects.

Verra is perfect for mothers who value prioritizing their well-being, while also taking care of their family. These sophisticated products offer consistent and natural alternatives to synthetic medications that can be trusted. Motherhood is no easy job, but with Verra’s unique offerings, you can tackle any obstacle that stands in your path.