The Future of Marijuana Infused Products is Right Under Your Nose: 3 Reasons to Reach for a Cannabis Nasal Mist

While many cannabis consumers may already be familiar with the new variety of smoke-free delivery methods–such as topicals–on the market today, there is a lesser-known, novel technology soon to rise above the pack: the cannabis nasal mist.


It’s true–nasal mists aren’t just for allergy sufferers anymore. This technology is now being used for everything from flu vaccinations to Alzheimer’s treatment and is the perfect solution for patients who have challenges with other delivery methods due to the inability to swallow. Increasing in popularity as a delivery system for various medical products, the nasal mist has earned its rightful place among trusted administration methods. Here is why you should consider adding a nasal mist to your cannabis product line-up:


  • It’s fast-acting and effective. The nasal mist is set apart primarily by its ability to deliver fast-acting and dependable results. In fact, it is one of the most effective delivery technologies due to the nasal cavity’s large surface area and extensive vascularization–thereby allowing products to make contact with ease, delivering rapid uptake and consistent results.



  • It’s discreet and convenient. Unlike smoking, administering nasal mists provides a comfortable and discreet experience, allowing the consumer to benefit from the therapeutic effects of cannabis and achieve the desired results in a subtle manner. Small, sleek and easy to take on-the-go, nasal mists offer convenience without subjecting the consumer to any unwanted attention from passersby.


Wondering where to find a cannabis-infused nasal mist? Verra Wellness has just launched the first ever cannabis nasal mist for the adult-use market available in Colorado dispensaries, including The Health Center, Herbal Wellness, Complete Relief and Trill Alternatives, with plans to enter additional states in the next year. Verra’s Nasal Mist leverages purified cannabinoids, green-certified coconut oil and Vitamin E to enhance bioavailability–in essence, increasing the body’s ability to absorb the active ingredients, THC and CBD.


As the negative stigma surrounding cannabis use continues to fade, the nasal mist offers consumers a high-quality option that is backed by research, elevating the industry and contributing to a dialogue that favors novel, scientifically formulated technologies that have been tested to deliver powerful and reliable effects for the canna-curious and canna-connoisseur alike.