Nasal Mist

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At Verra, our team of researchers spent years developing, testing and fine-tuning our Nasal Mist, because we know just how important getting fast pain relief and a good night’s sleep can be. Our patent-pending formula leverages purified cannabinoids, green certified coconut oil and Vitamin E to increase bioavailability. So you have access to the most powerful effects without any of the unwanted byproducts.

"The nasal spray is awesome! I was very clear headed; I took it for work to help me focus and problem solve without feeling overwhelmed. I did 2 pumps for work and 3 for climbing."

Effective dosing

If you’re new to cannabis, start with 1–3 sprays per nostril of Verra Nasal Mist. If you’re more experienced, start with 1-3 sprays per nostril, wait 10 minutes then repeat until desired dosage has been achieved in order to prevent excessive drippage. For best results, spray the mist into both nostrils. Use the product formulation chart to determine how much THC and CBD one spray of each formulation delivers.

Every Verra Nasal Mist is formulated to deliver fast-acting results that you can rely on. Our patent-pending formula blends purified cannabinoids with green-certified coconut oil and Vitamin E to increase your body’s ability to absorb the active ingredients, THC and CBD. And our fine-mist sprayer ensures that more of the cannabinoids make contact with the extensive vascularization of the nasal cavity, delivering rapid uptake and consistent effects from the first spray to the last.

  • Nasal administration is among the most effective due to the nasal cavity’s large surface area and extensive vascularization.
  • Spray device is designed to administer super fine mist—covering more of the highly permeable nasal membrane with active cannabinoids.
  • Leverages purified THC and CBD recombined to create synergistic effects without unwanted plant material or chemicals.
  • Rapid onset of action allows for the spray to take effect in approximately 10 minutes.
  • Delivers effects that last for 1–3 hours.
  • A patent-pending formulation.
  • Ingredients: sustainably sourced MCT oil, purified THC oil, cannabidiol, ethyl alcohol, phenylethyl alcohol, menthol, Vitamin E and benzalkonium chloride.

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