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  • Cannabis Sublinguals are Sublime!

    Cannabis Sublinguals Are Sublime! By: Beth Dresser, Senior Director, Sales and Marketing, Verra Wellness Looking for a new way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis? Cannabis sublinguals may be the ideal route for you. Perhaps you are concerned about the effects of smoking on your long-term lung health. Or maybe you want a more consistent […]

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    The Future of Marijuana Infused Products is Right Under Your Nose: 3 Reasons to Reach for a Cannabis Nasal Mist

    While many cannabis consumers may already be familiar with the new variety of smoke-free delivery methods–such as topicals–on the market today, there is a lesser-known, novel technology soon to rise above the pack: the cannabis nasal mist.   It’s true–nasal mists aren’t just for allergy sufferers anymore. This technology is now being used for everything […]

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    Skiers and Boarders, Elevate Your Recovery Game This Winter: The Benefits of Cannabis-Infused Topical Salves

    Winter sports enthusiasts are abuzz about the latest trend taking the wellness world by “snow” storm: cannabis-infused salves for the skin. Since hitting the shelves, these products have been lauded among snowriders as an effective way to find localized relief from the common muscle aches and pains that often plague them after a long day […]

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    Selecting Marijuana Over OTC Pain Relievers: What Are My Options?

    Selecting Marijuana Over OTC Pain Relievers: What Are My Options? If you suffer from chronic pain or have difficulty sleeping, muscle aches, or post-workout fatigue you know what it’s like to feel unwell—and chances are, you’ve taken  synthetic medications, such as NSAIDS or acetaminophen that pose a risk of harmful side effects. While most Americans […]

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    Fierce, Fit and Focused: Modern-Day Moms and Marijuana

    Fierce, Fit and Focused: Modern-Day Moms and Marijuana There was once a time when the “stoner” stereotype influenced the way that people thought about the typical cannabis consumer. The word “marijuana” alone conjured up images of individuals who were lazy, lethargic, and unmotivated—a connotation that prevented the healing potential of cannabis from reaching the demographics […]

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